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. . . and meandering prose. I wish I had some kind of an exciting story involving time travel or at least publications as an excuse, but the truth is, I am trying to get healthy. Emphasis on trying. I actually had sinus surgery two weeks ago, after about a dozen years of doctors shuffling me around trying to figure out why I get sick so often. I find that the recovery process is harder than I had anticipated, and it leaves my head awfully fuzzy much of the time.

In between bouts of fuzzy-headedness, I’m still editing and even poking (slowly) at my current attempt at short fiction. So save thatfar, I think the zombies have gone quite well, and I’m now deciding how to introduce the bikers.

I continue to look forward to my next publication, which will be in a Dagan Books anthology entitled Fish. The release has been slightly delayed, but is still scheduled for sometime this spring. And then you will all get to meet Merritt and Susan and Davey, mwahahaha.

I know, I’m dull when I’m recovering from sinus surgery. If you want more frequent updates, please consider following me on Twitter. Twitter is one of those things I never would have thought I’d use, and then I discovered I can use it as a newsreader. And it runs on my eReader, so I can poke it even when I’m in no condition to sit upright in front of a computer. I may not be as loquacious as in my blog posts, but I can guarantee I’ll be more present. ;-)

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