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Signal Boost: If you care about the future of SF/F…   2 comments

In case you’re not familiar with him, Jim C. Hines is a terrific writer of fantasy and an incredibly thoughtful blogger on a variety of issues. A couple days ago, someone drew my attention to a post he titled “SFWA Presidential Election Thoughts” by stating that if you’re a member of SFWA (I’m not, but hope someday to be), you should read this.

I’d go a little farther. If you care about the future of SF/F in the US at all, read the post. It looks like it’s on the long side, but it reads very fast. The supplemental links…read slower. But as someone who requires articles and opinions to be reasonably well-sourced before I trust them, I appreciated having them there.

In a nutshell, Beale may just be a troll. But in a world where there is a men’s rights movement that legitimately believes women are the evil enemy plotting to take everything from morally right and well-deserving [usually white] men and incidentally causing the downfall of Western civilization in the process…he may not.

The most legitimate of his first five platform points is splitting the Nebulas into two categories, with separate awards for science fiction and fantasy. Speculative fiction has been a lot broader than that for some time now, which tells me he’s out of touch at the minimum. Combined with his assertions (which may be tongue-in-cheek, but I really don’t get that vibe) that women either don’t or shouldn’t write science fiction, I find just the fact that he’s seriously running concerning, let alone what he might be able to accomplish if he actually won the position.

You may not personally vote for the SFWA president, but SFWA does have an impact on how SF/F writing and publication are accomplished in the US, and leadership does matter.

So does public opinion. Forewarned is for armed, and I no longer take for granted that absurdity cannot be elected and determine policy in US and state politics. I really don’t trust that SFWA is somehow better than that. *wrygrin*


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Women Doing Extraordinary Things: Malala Yousafzai   Leave a comment

“All I want is an education. And I’m afraid of no one.” – Malala Yousafzai

Take a Stand for the Girl Who Stood up: Nominate Malala for the Nobel Peace Prize.

This is how you do it. And these are the potential consequences. Go read about an incredibly determined fifteen-year-old girl agitating for education in Taliban-controlled Pakistan. And if you’re moved to do so, sign the petition.

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United Breaks Guitars   Leave a comment

Sorry to link and run, but I’m running around like a crazy person between romance promo and editing deadlines. This should amuse you, despite not actually being funny.

Not as exciting as when they lost a ten-year-old kid traveling by herself, but still worth noting. Not that I think United is any worse than the other two airlines still in existence in the US right now. I’m kind of of the opinion that the entire airline system sucks in its effort to squeeze every last penny out of air travelers. We might as well laugh about it. :-)

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This Is My New Theme Song   Leave a comment

The world would be a much better place if everyone would just do exactly what the lyrics say. Link courtesy of my friend Robin.

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Objectification on Book Covers: Women vs. Men   Leave a comment

I’m reasonably sure that I passed on Jim C. Hines’ wonderful photo shoot where he mimics female urban fantasy book covers via Twitter a while ago, but I don’t believe I linked it here. Check it out–it’s an attempt not just to talk about the objectification of women on book covers, but to show it, and it succeeds in spades. Because it’s a whole lot more obvious how ridiculous some of these poses are when you have a guy doing them.

Beyond the humor value involved and how obvious the objectification becomes, a lot of these poses range from foolish to impossible. In the post, Mr. Hines observes, “I expected posing like Danielle to feel a little weird and unnatural. I did not expect immediate, physical pain.”

Well, he just did another shoot, this time addressing the question of whether men on romance covers and old school Conan covers are similarly objectified. The conclusions are about what I would have expected, but the photos, as before, are hilarious. Go look. Be sure to read the text on the mocked up book covers–somebody had way too much fun with it. *g*

With those in mind as a baseline, there has been a lot of flap lately about women’s poses that show both the butt and the boobs to the camera at the same time. In general, I agree that it’s ridiculous and requires an unhealthy level of flexibility. However, I notice that some of us are becoming so attuned to these poses, we become eager to swat down anything that isn’t a frontal pose (and those have their own problems, given the almost inevitable cleavage shot), and that’s beginning to irritate me.

I have some issues around stamping a simple side view of a woman as objectifying simply because, from the side, you see the side of a breast, a piece of her face, and the curve of her backside. It isn’t really possible to do a side view without showing any backside unless the woman in question has a really flat butt. That’s where the problem is, for me–because the same pose would not be considered objectifying for a woman who was flat there, but would for a curvy woman. As a curvy woman, I have very little patience with women who aren’t curvy being considered sexy but not over the top in styles that would get curvy women shoved back into a late-night TV time slot simply because curvy women jiggle more. Let’s try not penalizing women for the way they look, whether that’s curvy, flat, large, small, etc. It would be helpful if we could remember that were all on the same team here.

On the other hand, if we’re talking objectification, I have a real problem with a particular fashion pose right now. My sister pointed out, and you know the one I’m talking about, trust me. It’s the one where the woman has no hips to speak of (because pants are cut for women with no hips right now) and then stands with one hip thrust out to one side and her hand on it to draw more attention there, mimicking the curves current fashion doesn’t allow her to have.

Can we please stop sending schizophrenic messages to our daughters this way?

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Baja Arizona FTW!   Leave a comment

Baja Arizona Moves to Secede from Arizona

Baja Arizona FTW! I don’t think it’ll succeed, but damned if I won’t fight for it tooth and nail. I want to be able go home to a state that doesn’t make racist laws, undermine education, and insist my employer could fire me for taking birth control. Arizona del sur and Arizona del norte have been practically separate countries for most of their existence. A lot of the really stupid legislation out of the Arizona capitol has been aimed at crippling programs already doing something right in the area I come from. Economically, politically (we are tired of being gerrymandered out of votes), and socially, it could only help.

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The President of the United States and the Marshmallow Cannon   Leave a comment

President Obama, a science fair, and the marshmallow cannon. Have I mentioned how tickled I am that our president is a geek? *g*

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Link: Shelf Check discusses the NDAA   Leave a comment

If you’re not familiar with Shelf Check, it’s a web comic about a geeky librarian, and you don’t read it for the art. You read it for the very sharp wit behind the comic. Case in point:

Shelf Check on the NDAA as a YA dystopian novel

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My Little Ponies and Dark Matter   Leave a comment

Whew, just finished a round of revisions on something for the Romance side of the force. That’s part of why I’ve been so quiet–and why I owe a couple of people book reviews! Hopefully I can correct this soon. *g* And I’ll have SF publication news to share with you in the near future–there is an anti-Valentine’s Day anthology called Orbital Hearts that I’ll have a short story in coming out in the next ten days or so.

In the meantime, Tara Lynx linked me to a very clever physics presentation. It’s not the shiniest, but I’ve never seen anyone else connect My Little Ponies and dark matter.

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What the World Might Be like in Twenty or Eighty Years   Leave a comment

Charles Stross is the only SF writer I’ve discovered in the last ten years about whom I can honestly say I will read just about anything he writes. Because it’s all fascinating. So you can imagine how excited I was today to find he’d written a blog entry speculating on what the world might be like in 2032 and again in 2092. Check it out. :-)