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"Mother of Waters" - available online and in anthology!

“Mother of Waters” – Available online and in anthology!

Mother of Waters

She wasn’t a rabbi, she wasn’t a priestess, but she had one perfect prayer.

You can read “Mother of Waters” as part of Crossed Genres Magazine 2.0’s Book One anthology release, or for free online in Crossed Genres Magazine. Available through,, and other major booksellers.

If you read it for free and like what you see, consider donating or subscribing, so they can continue to publish quality professional fiction.

"Quick Karma" - available in FISH

“Quick Karma” – available in FISH

Quick Karma

“So how do you screw up your karma so badly that you come back as a goldfish?”

“Quick Karma” is a simple little tale about a boy and his reincarnated goldfish, now available in FISH, “a genre-bending anthology of delightfully fishy tales” from Dagan Books. Available direct from publisher, from and, or through any major bookseller.

WTF?! - available in WTF?!

“Magic Man” – available in WTF?!

Magic Man

Davis said his mother once referred to what he did as “hit-and-run hope.” I got the feeling she didn’t really approve.

“Magic Man” joins thirty-six other slipstream, surreal, and genre-breaking stories in the WTF?! anthology from Pink Narcissus Press. Available in trade paperback directly from the publisher, or buy it at or at Barnes & Noble.

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