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The (d)Evolution of Language   Leave a comment

Language is a constantly changing, evolving thing. The English spoken in the US is not the English spoken in Great Britain is not the English spoken in Australia. Standard punctuation has changed a noticeable amount over the last thirty years, and even spellings become subjective, given enough time.

Whether we “word people” like it or not. ;-)

While looking something else up for a story I’m writing today, I stumbled across Merriam-Webster’s Top Ten User Submitted Words, volume 6, which captures a snapshot of changing language in the US in 2011. Like being caught half-in an half-out of drag, the list hovers somewhere between slang and new vocabulary, including such gems as “epic fail,” “intextication,” and “coffice.” Check it out for a chuckle, a groan, or maybe a look at terms that will become standard in the next fifty years.


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