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Adventures in Gluten-Free Waffles   2 comments

We were in Syracuse this weekend, and eating out while traveling is always an adventure when you have to avoid gluten. (Yeah, I’m one of those. There is no food that I miss that’s worth being that sick ever again.) Fortunately, the Internet came to my rescue, and Mr. L’Orange and I ended up in a place near the University called Funk n Waffles.

It looks like they’re a performance venue in addition to serving food, but we were there on a Sunday morning, so the music was enjoyable, but canned.

The scary steps down were so worth it.

The place doesn’t remotely feel like you’re eating in the basement.

They offer some specific menu choices, like sweet waffles or savory waffles that are already put together in a certain way, plus they have the wonderful à la carte option. I had to eat the buckwheat waffles (no difficult task–they were delicious) because of the gluten thing, but they offered . . . I think five different types of waffles, and then had assorted toppings. Mr. L’Orange and I tried a couple of the pre-generated options, splitting one that was fried egg and cheese in a folded-over waffle and one that was topped with bacon rounds, brie, and basil. They were both fantastic.

I hadn’t had waffles since before I had to give up gluten, so we splurged and had a dessert waffle, too. We ordered strawberries and vanilla ice cream on a waffle. I meant to take a picture to show y’all, but it looked so tasty I completely forgot until it was too late.

Indescribable yummyness. If you’re ever in Syracuse, NY, be sure and check this place out.


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