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The President of the United States and the Marshmallow Cannon   Leave a comment

President Obama, a science fair, and the marshmallow cannon. Have I mentioned how tickled I am that our president is a geek? *g*

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What the World Might Be like in Twenty or Eighty Years   Leave a comment

Charles Stross is the only SF writer I’ve discovered in the last ten years about whom I can honestly say I will read just about anything he writes. Because it’s all fascinating. So you can imagine how excited I was today to find he’d written a blog entry speculating on what the world might be like in 2032 and again in 2092. Check it out. :-)


What if the computer really could read your mind?   Leave a comment

For little change from books, let’s have some new and exciting/scary technology: Emotiv wireless neuroheadset could mean an amazing upswing in mobility and communications for people with certain physically limiting conditions, but the idea that someone could also remotely monitor my brain is slightly creepy.

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Not quite a replicator: introducing the 3-D printer   Leave a comment

Maybe we can’t quite rebuild you stronger, better, and faster yet, but we can just about photocopy you:

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Welcome to the future–we’re living in it!   Leave a comment

Semi-conductor “tatoos” could be the future of medical monitoring and assistive technologies.

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