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My author’s copy of the trade paperback edition of WTF?! arrived today. It looks darn good, and the italics are, in fact, where they’re supposed to be in my story–we had great fun with that during the proofing process, let me tell you. *g*

I’m about 100 pages into the electronic version and really enjoying it. There’s a definite surrealist aesthetic going on, which means that if you like a very traditional storytelling style, this may not the the anthology for you. But if you can go with surrealism, it’s really pretty awesome so far. I just read “The Squirms,” which made me giggle very hard. Never eat zombie powder!

Seriously, if you need a last-minute gift for somebody, you might consider buying them a copy of the eBook version–both and Barnes & Noble will let you buy an eBook for someone else and have it instantly delivered to them.

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