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"Magic Man" is now available in WTF?!

Davis said his mother once referred to what he did as “hit-and-run hope.” I got the feeling she didn’t really approve.

“Magic Man” is a “concept story,” which makes it awfully hard to describe without giving away certain integral bits of the story. It’s near-future speculative magic realism, I guess you’d say, in a book with who knows what other kinds of genre-bending goodies. The cover price is $16.99 for the trade paperback or $8.99 for the eBook. If that seems high, just remember, you’re getting thirty-seven stories for that price, which is about double what you’ll find in most traditional anthologies. *g*

You can read “Magic Man” in the WTF?! anthology from Pink Narcissus Press. Available in trade paperback directly from the publisher, or buy it at or at Barnes & Noble in both eBook and dead-tree formats.

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