cover art for WTF?! and punctuation trivia   Leave a comment

May I introduce you to the cover art for WTF?!, soon to be available for pre-order from Pink Narcissus Press. By which I mean the pre-order link is up, but not live. Don’t let the price listed scare you away–that’s for the dead tree version. The electronic version will be less. Do keep in mind that if you’re planning to purchase the book and you go directly through the website, rather than through or or another such third-party reseller, the authors generally make a little more money. But let’s face it, we’re happy if you buy it at all. ;-) The WTF?! anthology will feature my story “Magic Man,” a short tale about what happens when you really surrender to hope, along with a host of other genre-breaking and otherwise weird SF/F stories.

WTF?! anthology cover

As cover art goes, it’s awesome and kind of creepy, and just a little naughty (just enough to make me giggle every time I look at it).

Random English geek trivia of the day: that “?!” at the end of the title is actually considered a single piece of punctuation and referred to as an interabang. They are awesome, but you should never ever use them in writing you are submitting for publication. Much like using more than one exclamation mark in a row, it’s one of those little signs that makes you look unprofessional. But you should totally know the word, because it’s just cool. *g*

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