Forthcoming Publication in Fish Anthology   Leave a comment

You read it right, Dagan Books will be publishing an anthology called Fish, and I have a short story I’m really darn happy with coming out in it. Publication date should be early spring, and I’ll let you know more as I do.

So . . . why fish, as a theme for a speculative fiction anthology? They aren’t talking about fish stories, fishing, or the one that got away. Here’s the piece of the original call for submissions that intrigued me:

We want your mythic adventures and modern retellings. We want Dagan, not of Lovecraft but of the Phillistines. We want Ku-ula, of Hawaii, and Hatmehyt, and Nereus with his bounty. We want magic koi in ancient ponds and the street shaman with his fishy avatar, stalking the streets in some odd future. We want sharks, hunting far out at sea. We want carnival goldfish with short-lived secrets.

Send us something beautiful.

Intrigued? So am I. Not only am I excited about my own story in the anthology, I’m really curious to read what other people have come up with for this one.

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